Even if you love to cook, you may be hesitant to spend time in the kitchen if it aggravates your joint pain.

See Understanding Joint Pain

Eating anti-inflammatory food can also help to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by joint degeneration. See An Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Arthritis

Luckily, there are lots of adaptive kitchen tools available, which can ease your pain and get you back to enjoying preparing and eating homemade meals.


Setting up the kitchen

  1. Use padded handles that you can attach to plastic grocery bags for easier carrying of your groceries.
  2. Put down a foam mat in front of the sink and counter so you can stand with greater comfort.
  3. Use hooks to store pots and pans within reach, so you don’t have to stoop or reach into low cupboards.
  4. Keep a grabber tool handy to help you reach out-of-the-way items with ease.
  5. Choose measuring cups or spoons that are connected or magnetized to each other, so you don’t have to rummage around for them individually.
  6. Place non-stick mats under your bowls or cutting boards, so you don’t have to hold them in place while you work.

Ready to cook

  1. Many people with arthritis in their hands know the frustration of trying to open jars. If a rubber jar opener is still too difficult to use, consider getting an automated jar opener.
  2. Make chopping easier by using a food processor, different types of slicers, or a mandolin, which do the chopping for you.
  3. When cutting or chopping by hand, look for cutting knives with large, soft grips or knives with the handle in an upright or overhead position to give you better leverage. And don’t forget to keep your knives sharpened, so they require less effort to use.
  4. Making mixing ingredients easier by using a hand mixer rather than a whisk. You can find appliances with detachable components that can do the work of both a food processor and a mixer.
  5. Use spoons and spatulas with soft-grip handles. In fact, you can find options like this for just about any cooking or eating utensil.
  6. Look for pots and pans with large, silicone-grip handles. Some have 2 handles for even easier handling.

These are just a few of the items out there to make life easier for those with arthritis. Look for items designed for use in the bathroom, bedroom, car, and more by searching online for “arthritis products.”

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