Whether you’re looking for an arthritis-friendly gift for a loved-one or for yourself, this list has you covered. Here are 11 gift ideas that can help soothe arthritis pain and make living with arthritis easier.

This moist pack, made with a few household items, can make a great gift for someone with arthritis. Watch: Video: How to Make a Homemade Heat Pack

  1. A paraffin wax machine can be used to ease pain in arthritic hands and feet. A paraffin wax machine melts wax in a tub about the size of a crockpot. When you dip a hand or foot into the melted wax, the wax coats the skin and warms up stiff joints. The wax is easily peeled off and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized.
  2. A foot spa can warm and massage arthritic feet. A foot spa keeps water circulating and warmed at a pre-set temperature. Automated rollers can massage your feet.
  3. Heated socks, jackets, gloves, and shoe insoles are great if you have aching joints and a hard time staying warm in the cold weather. These items typically run on batteries and may allow you to choose from different temperature settings, such as high, medium, and low.

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  1. Raised indoor planters and raised outdoor garden beds make it possible to tend to flowers, vegetables, and other plants without bending down. In addition, ergonomic garden tools and padded gardening gloves can make gardening easier on arthritic joints.
  2. Budget-friendly gifts are sometimes the most needed and appreciated. For example, free snow-shoveling, dog-walking, or a chore around the house won’t cost the gift-giver anything besides a little time and effort.
  3. Extra-wide key holders, sometimes called key turners, make gripping and turning a key easier. Typically made out of a plastic, key holders fit tightly over keys. Different models of key holders will fit different types of keys—for example, not all key holders will fit over a car key—so be sure to read product descriptions.

Cooking can be difficult when you have arthritis, but there are helpful gadgets that can make it easier. See When Hand Pain Is Osteoarthritis

  1. Kitchen gadgets, such as electric can openers and bagel slicers, can make kitchen routines easier. Double-handled pots and pans can also make it easier to cook with arthritic hands. Look for items that are lightweight, too, so picking them up doesn’t cause joint strain.
  2. Extended shoe horns allow you to avoid painfully bending when you put on your shoes. When buying an extended shoehorn, make sure it is sturdy; thin metal can bend and weak plastics can break.
  3. Easy-to-wear jewelry can save time and frustration for people who have arthritic hands. Moderate to severe arthritis in the hands can make small, precise movements, such as fastening a necklace next to impossible. Longer necklaces and necklaces with stretchy cords or ribbons that can go over the head are best. In addition, adjustable rings can hinge open or expand to fit around swollen knuckles.
  4. Scented candles and other forms of aromatherapy help some people with chronic arthritis pain relax. (Scents can trigger flare-ups of symptoms for those with fibromyalgia or migraine headaches, so make sure a gift recipient isn’t sensitive to scents before you buy.)
  5. A yoga mat and yoga props, such as a foam block or cotton bolster, are useful for anyone who keeps their arthritis pain in check with a regular yoga routine.

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Living with chronic arthritis pain can be stressful, but gift-giving and receiving shouldn’t be. See if these gift ideas help bring some cheer this holiday season.

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