The Forums on Spine-health (sister site to Arthritis-health) are a very popular place for users to meet and discuss. Those with arthritis or chronic pain conditions can share coping tips and their experiences with medications or surgery.

In addition to sharing information, users can also find emotional support for the day-to-day challenges of living with their condition. The forum can provide a circle of friendship, support, and camaraderie to help you through the worst and celebrate the good times as well.

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We’re happy to announce that we’ve made improvements to the Forums to make them easier to use and more customizable.

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Here are some of the highlights from the new changes:

  • Discussion views—For each discussion, you can see the original author, number of replies, how many views it has, and the last person to comment.
  • Latest discussions—See which discussions have been active most recently in the right-hand column.
  • Expanded profile—User profiles have many new functions that are easy to create and update, such as a signature line, special notes, and much more.
  • My bookmarks—You can bookmark discussions you want to follow and revisit.
  • Notifications—Users can set up notifications for various events such as updates to threads or new messages. These can appear as a popup or email.
  • My drafts—Save a draft copy of your discussion or comment so that you can review or finish it later.
  • My activity—You can see a list of your recent activities, such as changing your avatar image or password.

If you’ve never visited the Spine-health Forums, come check it out! The Arthritis-health audience will find especially helpful the topic categories of Arthritis and Chronic Pain.

In addition, the future plan is to add a unique Forum for Arthritis-health too, which will be specifically tailored to cover all the topics and conditions on the site and more. Watch for future updates about its debut!

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