Switching Rheumatologists

Hello Everyone -

I just started the process of looking for a new Rheumatologist (I'm currently seeing some one that I'm not happy with) and I'm finding that most doctors are requiring a referral or "transfer order" from my current doctor.  This is not a requirement of my insurance; apparently this is an internal policy for several local doctors.  Has anyone else experienced this?  If so, can you please explain the reasoning behind this and how to maybe circumvent?  I really don't want my current doctor to know I am interviewing new doctors until I'm ready to make a change.  Any thoughts or suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated!  

Thank you!



  • AmyAAmy Posts: 4

    I run an RA FB group and haven't heard of this before.  Unless your insurance requires it I don't know why they would need a referral.  Can you tell them you are not switching at this moment but just wanting a meet the Dr kind of appt.?

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