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Writing with wrist arthritis

I have found several alternative writing implements for arthritic fingers but my issue is severe arthritis in my right wrist. Using any type of pen or pencil causes me to rotate my wrist which is very painful. I do use a "standing" computer mouse which is very helpful but cannot find a pen or pencil that works for me. If there is anything out there that allows me to write without rotating my wrist I would appreciate the input. 



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    i had a scafoid tumor on my wrist that had to be removed causing me not to be able to rotate my wrist. i had to find a new way of writing. by habit, when i pick up a pen and start to write, i turn my arm and wrist outward slightly, rest the side of my hand on my desk and write. 
    the only pen i have ever found is one that had a nice grip at the end. 
    hopefully another member will give their opinion.

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  • judypjjudyp Posts: 1

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately that technique still causes my wrist to rotate. I have taken to wearing a sturdier wrist wrap but it still causes a lot of pain. 

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