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The good and the bad after a right reverse total shoulder replacement

JoarkJJoark Posts: 1

In 2014 I had a right reverse total shoulder replacement.  In 2009 I had a traditional right total shoulder replacement, which failed.  Now that I'm four years post-op, I've gained an above optimal range of motion of my right shoulder/arm than most individuals having this type replacement done.  I am very physically active and have been a practitioner of barre/yoga for two years.  I am physically fit and do not have any arthritic symptoms in any of my other joints (so far!). My problem is chronic pain of my distal medial humerus NOT involving my elbow.  I have no neuropathy anywhere from my shoulder to my hand (EMG showed no cubital entrapment of the ulnar nerve) and an MRI done below the humeral implant through the elbow was normal.  No bone/soft tissue damage was present.  I've tried acupuncture, deep tissue massage, and dry needling with no significant relief.  Heat is the only treatment that offers any relief.  In addition, I have chronic pain of the deltoid insertion of that arm, but I attribute that to the physical activities and exercises I do in barre (4-5 times weekly).  I realize the deltoid takes over from the rotator cuff in movement for my arm, and I acknowledge I put it under a lot of stress doing what I do.  I'm a retired RN (66 years old) married to a retired radiologist, and I understand the anatomy/physiology/movement changes in a reverse replacement.  My question is has anyone else experienced the chronic distal humeral pain post replacement that I have?  Also I'd be interested in hearing anyone else's input on life after their total reverse replacements.  Thanks..



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    Every article I have read on this subject involves the elbow. It will be interesting to hear what other members have to say.
    Below is a link called "the blend", a very good article on treatments and medications.
    The Blend 

    Take care and keep us posted.

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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 122
    Back in 2010, I had both of my shoulders totally replaced. The doctor talked about the reverse replacement, but advised me against it for several reasons
    1. I was young enough (60 at the time) so my recovery from normal surgery should be fine
    2. Reverse shoulder surgery recovery is much quicker and less painful, but the long term outcome is not as good
    3. There can be a set of problems involving muscles, the replaced glenoid and more

    I know of two people who had the reverse shoulder surgery done in 2013 and 2016. Both of them are having problems, not exactly like yours but still causing a lot of discomfort and pain. Now they wished they had opted for the complete shoulder replacement

    Take a look at
    Total Shoulder Replacement
    Reverse Shoulder Surgery

    Prior to going in from my shoulder surgeries, I have already had 4 lumbar and 2 cervical spinal surgeries and bone scans identified arthritis pretty much all over my spine and in the joints. Before surgery, I had about a 65% range of motion. The surgeon told me to expect to reach around 80-85% tops. I sort of became the poster child for shoulder surgery. After 24 hard months of recovery, I was up to about 97% range of motion and my shoulders, arms and neck were stronger than ever.

    To this day, my shoulders are the strongest part of my body. I had total hip replacements done iin 2012 and 2014. They are good, but no where as good as my shoulders

    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
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    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com  
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  • I am looking to connect with someone that has had a similar problem to mine. 6 years ago I had a total shoulder replacement. Right afterward my subscap came loose and some months later I had another surgery to repair that. I never was pain free and never got the range of motion I expected. I went to another ortho only to find out the subscap is loose again  and retracted. Now the surgeon wants to do a revision with reverse shoulder. I am so scared that I will be worse off than I am now. I have very little strength and  very little range of motion now. The only good thing is that I can deal with the pain. I am wondering should I just live with my limitations and compensate for the lack of usage of my left shoulder or go for the surgery.

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