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Night pain with shoulder arthritis

I have severe osteoarthritis in left shoulder and am on the list for total shoulder replacement. It becomes very painful at night, I get about two hours sleep by taking Naproxen at bed time, then the rest of the night is in patches, with increasingly severe pain. I am a side sleeper, so sleep on my good side with the bad arm supported by a pillow, but still it's almost unbearable as the night goes on. I take more Ibuprofen in the night but it doesn't work. I'm exhausted all the time and don't know how long until I get the surgery Has anyone found anything that helps? There are aids for sleeping more upright but they're expensive and  I wouldn't be able to sleep anyhow. I'm feeling desperate. 



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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 129


    I know exactly what you are going through..   From 2006 until 2010, Osteoarthritis was tearing apart my shoulder joints.  I had many steroid injections that were just buying me time.  Finally in 2010, I had both of my shoulders totally replaced with new ball/joint and stems.  They were done in April and October of 2010.

    These were the Total Shoulder Replacement surgery vs the Reverse Shoulder Surgery (I will add links for those)

    I found that almost a year before I had the surgery, I could not sleep in bed.   Most of the time, I slept in a recliner.  That at least do not put any additional pressure on my shoulders

    Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

    Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

    I optd for the Total replacement because according to my surgeons and my other doctors, it would be longer lasting.   Even though the recovery was much harder.   I dont know which one you are going for, but you should talk it over with your surgeon.

    The MOST important thing about shoulder surgery is the recovery!   I spent over 18 months in actual physical therapy (combined for both shoulders) plus I did 24 months of daily home exercises for my shoulders.  It was grueling and very painful.  I hated to do those exercises every night.  But it all paid off.  I have more range of motion now than I did before surgery.  

    The doctor felt I should hope to reach about 80% ROM in my shoulders.  That was because of my age (at the time 60) and that I have had so many prior spinal surgeries.   But the hard work paid off.  I have about 95% ROM in both shoulders!

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  • I feel your pain. I have a similar problem. Operation is the last solution. but before that I would like to try the alternative. I had a lot of acquaintances recommended Acuraflex capsules and the cream. supposedly their pains decreased within 3 months using acuraflex capsules and creams. 

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