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Hello ~ Newbie here; a retired nurse who inherited OA from my Mother and Grandmother.  ;)

I was aware of and experienced the usual OA symptoms throughout my body, but I was totally unprepared for the sudden flare up in a knee that rendered me immobile and sent me to urgent care! There were just a few twinges that came and went while walking on the road a couple of weeks ago ....and then whammo....I awoke from sleep with sharp pain and swelling :s 

It was a wake up call to get my health habits back up to snuff (diet/exercise), and googling treatment/prevention info led me here, so  I thought I'd join chat in case I have any questions or some input down the road.

Your site is amazing; what a wealth of info...THANK YOU!!



  • hello groovingranny!
    welcome to arthritis-health and how to start using our system

    i noticed you were also signed in at spine-health, good to have you here. let us know if we can be of any help.
    take care and hope to hear from you again.

    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator
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  • Yup, I also have OA in my cervical and lumbar spine; in fact this flare attacked my neck after the knee =  migraine x 3 days. Fun stuff  :p

    Thanks for the welcome Sandra :)

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  • My flare is finally easing after almost 2 weeks (thankfully), and I am now working on a stretch/strengthen program (gentle toning exercises & yoga, qigong, walking/flat treadmill).

    One day at a time ~ thanks for your support!

  • Hello again ~ Happy New Year! :) 

    I am 2 months out since my major knee OA flare and am happy to report that I have made significant progress in my recovery!

    This week we hiked in the woods for a few miles one afternoon, and today I did a moderate paced 2 mile walk on our rural road with lots of inclines both ways.My Hubby was amazed at my stamina; he saw how much I was hurting and immobile since Thanksgiving Eve!

    The program I mentioned in my last post has been a daily routine for me, and each day I vary what I do; making sure to stretch/warm up first and stretch/use a ice/gel pack after.

    I still feel pain in various joints as well as my knee(s) depending on weather and activities, but I am MOVING ....maintaining my strength and ROM....as well as being careful how those joints are used/rested so as not to (re) injure them.

    I hope you are all doing well....thanks again for all the info and support offered here!

    Blessings ~ G

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