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Surgery on the thumb basal joint

With my work as an aircraft mechanic I've been battling a wear-and-tear condition with the resultant osteoarthritis in the first CMC joints of both my hands for about two and a half years now. Just recently, at 57 years of age, I have had to quit work and I find many simple, routine, daily tasks difficult and uncomfortable too. Steroid injections, N-SAIDS, PRP injections, and braces have all been used to some benefit but the arthritis continued to worsen so long as I kept aggravating it with work .

Now, my doctors tell me, the only treatment option is surgery. The type of surgery proposed is called "Trapeziectomy with Ligament Reconstruction Tendon Interposition (LRTI)". This involves complete removal of a carpal bone called the trapezium and using a length of tendon harvested from the forearm to anchor and stabilize the thumb metacarpal bone as well as to help fill the void space created by the removal of the carpal bone. Sounds bizarre but it is apparently the most common surgery done for this condition.

What I would like from this forum is to hear from others who have undergone this, or similar, surgery. How satisfied are you with the results? What are you now able to do that you couldn't prior to surgery? What did you do for a living and have you been able to return to it? How long was the recovery?

The input of anyone willing to share their experiences would be much appreciated as I am having difficulty determining to go through with the operation for fear of ending up very little or no better off post-surgery.



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