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Degenerative changes in SI joint?

I was diagnosed with Reiters at 35 y/o but also considered to possibly have AS.  I  am now 56.  I have been on Biologics for almost 20yrs.  Has anyone heard that you can have degenerative disease in your SI joint and have AS?  My thorax and SI joint pain is really getting to me, making me think that it is truly AS and not Reiters.  Doctors are calling it DJD since my markers are not elevated.  Any insight would be appreciated.



  • hello kenike!
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    i had to read up reiters and for others that may not know, it is joint pain and swelling triggered by an infection in another part of the body. it is now know as reactive arthritis. but since you mentioned as, below is an article that may help you out.
    all about  ankylosing spondylitis
    i'm sorry i can't be of any more help except offer you articles to read since i have never experienced this. i hope other members will join in.

    take care and keep us posted.

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