Knee replacement and worry over whole body pain

I am scheduled to have a total knee replacement on Feb. 5th. The problem is that I am in a major OA flare. All my joints minus my hips and elbows are inflamed and I can barely walk or lift anything. I am wondering how I can make it through the replacement when I can barely walk now. Anyone else had this happen?



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    i am so sorry you are going through this much pain. does your doctor have you on anything to help with this flare up? i have not had to go thru this but there are other members that may come on and reply.
    click on the link below, "the blend", to see if that would be of any help.

    take care and please keep us posted.

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    I would contact your surgeon to discuss this.  They may want to postpone the surgery.  Normally, when an Osteoarthritis flare up gets very bad, I've been prescribed prednisone.  However , since that is a steroid they would not allow a patient to use that so close to surgery.

    Perhaps they can offer an alternative to relieve some of you discomfort.

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