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Hip impingement

Hello everyone. I am new to this group and would like to know if anyone is in a similar situation to me and knows of anything that can help. I have OA in my back and both hips. I got the impression on first visit to consultant that it was not that bad so I couldn’t understand why my right leg would no where near straighten and neither could my physio who had me doing deep hip stretches. Having been back and telling him I have hip impingement he has now told me it’s the OA impinging it. It means I cannot walk without a heavy limp even when the pain is not too bad. I also have OA in my spine so the limp impacts on that and it seriously effecting my ability to do normal things like go for a walk with my family. There is still joint space though and he won’t give me a new hip until all the joint space has gone. I am 59 in April. What I don’t understand is why the right hip is impinged and I have pain all the time. The left hip though effected is not impinged yet both look the same on x-ray? Does anyone know of any other procedure that could free up my hip? With knees they scrape the joints out I believe to get rid of the roughness. Is there anything like this that can be done for hips? Thanks for reading.



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    i am so sorry you are having to go through this. i also have oa in my spine and i know that is where a lot of my pain comes from. but i don't have hip problems. so, hopefully other members will share their experiences with you. 
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    take care and please keep us posted on how you are doing.

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    I can relate to the pain and discomfort from Osteoarthritis.  Mine started really deteriorating my bone in about 2004.  By 2012, I had both of my shoulders and hips totally replaced with implants.  Now, I am looking at a total knee replacement.

    I am not aware of any scraping they can do on the hip.  By impingement, what are you actually saying.  Normally when we hear impingement its a nerve that is being compromised.   When you say your Osteoarthritis is impinging your hip, I assume you are talking about bone on bone situation.  But not completely otherwise a hip replacement would be done sooner.

    Prior to having my hips replaced, I did have a number of steroid injections which gave me months of relief.   I did that for about 2 years before I had to have the replacements

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