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Hip replacement on the way


New to this so here’s my story. Former sportsperson who was diagnosed with OA at 35 and had a double arthroscopy the same year. Op on the right revealed substantial damage to the cartilage in the right hip and there has been a steady decline since. Have been recommended for a hip replacement but trying to hold off for as long as possible due to my age (38). Have all the typical symptoms.....crunching/clicking, reduced mobility, flare ups that require pain killers. Wondering is there many here that have had the replacement at a young age and how they are doing.




  • memerainboltmmemerainbolt Posts: 239

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    it's really sad that oa can hit at such an early age. i am so sorry you are going through this. while you are waiting on other members to reply, look through the discussions on the forum on this topic, there are several.
    below are a few articles you may want to read on this subject.
    what is hip osteoarthritis 

    take care and please keep us posted.

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  • kazsaidkkazsaid Posts: 2

    oh my gosh Barry 35 seems too young for a hip replacement, but hey I'm new here and no expert. I'm here wanting to find out more about my hip pain when I'm exercising and life in general. I'm 54 but a hip replacement is something I'm not sure I would do, but obviously very different circumstances. I read a good article on Hip Replacement and surgery but unsure if we are permitted to share links or info. But all the best with that. I hope the pain lessens in some way.

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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 129

    With Osteoarthritis, you will know when the time is ready for joint replacements.  I have had both shoulders and hips totally replaced with new sockets and titanium implants.   Now, I am heading for a total knee replacement.   I've tried the conservative routes always until they are no longer an option.

    And my surgeons have always told me, You will know when you need the surgery   And that has always been true

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