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Unusual Test Results - Anyone Have This?

Hello! I was just diagnosed  a few days ago.  I have felt very strongly that I had RA for about 2 decades (I'm 57 now) but my RH Factor has always been negative, and no Anti-CCP was ever ordered, until now. I have a positive Anti-CCP and my RH factor is still negative.  I am in a new health plan. The rheumatologist there said there are "seronegative" people who show no positives. but in her experience, they will have NO positives, not a negative RH factor and positive anti-CCP. She said that if I were not sitting in front of her she would think she was looking at the tests of someone who does not have RA at the moment, but will be diagnosed within about 5-7 years with a very severe form. But since I am clearly symptomatic now, she's mot sure whether to treat me or not, since I do also have other issues and it's hard to sort out exactly what's being caused by RA (I have a back injury form an auto accident and also osteoarthritis arthritis). Hmmm. 

Of course, because my brain loves to go to worst case scenarios, I immediately started obsessing on the idea that things are definitely going to get worse. I have joint symptoms but also lung, digestive, and eye symptoms (possible scleritis - being seen by ophthalmologist this week) already, and I'd like to think this is the worst I can expect. But based on her statement it kind of  sounds like I can expect more severe illness in the future due to the anti-CCP being, as she said, predictive. But that's confusing, too: it's not like I had a negative test previously. Maybe I have had positive anti-ccp since my early thirties, which is when my symptoms first began (I am 57 now). I mean, without prior tests, how could she possibly know this test result is new for me? 

Anyway, I am in a confusing place right now. The doctor basically ordered x-rays of everything, with the idea that we should treat pain that is potentially related to RA before she treats me with RA drugs, because of the negative effects those drugs can have. 



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    hello crackedvessel!!

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    you have quiet a story!! maybe that's a question you need to ask your doctor, "without results of prior tests, how did you come to this?" when will you get the x-rays? 
    i am a little confused by it too. have you thought about getting a second opinion?
    take care and please keep us posted.

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