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Any Good Rx-Med for Fingers and back pain?


The Arthritis Dr. sent me 4 different tests, ... blood work, X-ray, MRL(for back pain) and Bone-Density which confirmed I have Osteoarthritis and Sclerosis(a bit of hunch-back).

The dr. told me, however no need to get an rx-med. as seeing that I've been on 4 - 5 tabs of Tylenol 650 mg. per day.  However, the pain keeps slowing down my hobbies, sewing and gardening.

Any inputs on this would be truly appreciated. 

Thank you, 



  • memerainboltmmemerainbolt Posts: 230

    hello finger19!
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    sewing and gardening, 2 of the best hobbies out there!! other than rx meds, have you tried anything other than tylenol?  the only thing i would recommend is reading the links below for more information.
    what are some basic arthritis medications?
    the blend 

    take care and keep us posted on your progress.

    Arthritis-Health Moderator
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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 122

    Any reason your doctor said no prescription medications for you?

    Other than that, there are a number of ointments, gels that can be used as well as over the counter patches.

    Then there are supplements that have been touted to help with arthritis inflammation.

    Most of that is included here on the site.    But again, nothing concrete.  What works for one individual may not help another.

    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
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    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com  
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  • Finger19FFinger19 Posts: 4

    Thanks for the responses.  

    After MRI, my Arthritis dr. told me that I have Degerative disk disease with left-sided lumber radiculopathy, ... not Arthritis in the spine(lower back area) which sometime radiates to the left side of leg.  

    This diagnoses is very surprise to me, since I always thought/believed that the back-pain is related to Arthritis,  Now, I started looking for Spine Dr. or even Physical Therapy to alleviate the pain I have.  I LOVE sewing and Gardening(flowers), then I want to be relatively healthy and not abandon due to this diagnosis.

     Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.


  • memerainboltmmemerainbolt Posts: 230

    Don't let this diagnosis stop you from doing what you love. When planting and cleaning out flower beds, I found if I got on all fours, I could work with less pain. Just like sewing, sit and sew, stand up and cut! lol.
    A PT may be able to help you out for now but, if it were me, I would try to find a neurosurgeon that could go over your MRI and give you some options.

    Take care and keep us posted.

    Arthritis-Health Moderator
    Please read my  Medical History
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