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So..How long has it been since you felt..normal?

For me, it has been quite the while.
Ohh, it crept up little by little..little bouts of feeling down during the day, not too bad, just as if doubts had crept in.

As the times progressed amd work became harder..the clouds grew darker and more...if not current..then persistent.

The sensation of chronic pain, the constant chipping away daily can make it hard some days.

What do you do when those clouds roil on your horizon?
I love music..and Photography.
Especially when the surfs up! I put my phone on autoplay and as a wonderful surfer told me
"Livin your own Music Video ehh?"

What helps you?

Welcome to Arthritis- Health
Many here have walked in your shoes
Many more will walk where you've been
We have a Community here with common threads
Lets Weave!



  • kimmy72kkimmy72 PennsylvaniaPosts: 1
    Yes, William, we have quite the "tapestry" already--only to be continued as new "threads" are added to the loom...
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