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When the Weather Changes my....

Hands and right knee hurt

When the Barometer moves so does the pain!
Cold is my weakness..

What hurts?


  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 129
    William, I am not that effective by weather changes, but what does set me off is seasonal changes.
    So, basically 4 times a year for about 3 or 4 days, I ache just a bit more, just a bit more uncomfortable, just a little bit more ice.
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  • William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 37

    I forget about the seasonal changes..but where i live its usually not hot...HOT!..why is it still hot? And a week of free cool air..

    Well dramatics aside, about 8 months of 12 we are at 80 and above.

    The burning pain in my hands is amazing...vice..crushing, burning,  a fearsome pain that a .15 morphine wont cut.

    And i love the snow, and cold wet walks with warm cloths, with the ice hanging off leaves.
    The biting brisk air..its turning almost like a reverse mirage
    I can see all the water..nothing to drink
    I can,play in the cold..but ooh the price.

    Ironically, am soft planning a trip to New Mexico to do some art in winter..

    May have to re consider.
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  • Cold is also mine, I am limited severely when temperature drops, but much more affected during and around the change in temp.  A sustained cold is bad , but no where close to any sudden drop.

  • When I get cold I start shaking then the body hurts. And I get cold so easy. In the dead of summer I have to wear very warm clothes to the doctor's office.
    With having fibro, weather changes effect me especially storms. My body feels like it's in a vice with all the barometric changes.

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  • itsautonomiciitsautonomic Posts: 1
    edited July 2017

    Sandra, that is similar to the way mine is with the autonomic dysfunction, but it makes sense as fibro has a some components of autonomic dysfunction in many people ( sympathetic system problems) .  My nervous system is so screwed up it reacts way over the top to some changes like cold, its like my body almost goes into a hypothermia state where it pulls the blood from extremities to core then shivers to generate heat. Its crazy how fast the build up of toxins when you lose or limit blood flow occurs and how it has instant pain generators due to it. A large part is the allodynia I have also from the nerve damage.  I am fine in heat, but like you said the cold in an office can wreak havoc on my body.

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  • So now you've got me thinking about all the nerve damage I have and how getting cold just bites me to the core. The combination of the nerve damage and fibro is not fun to deal with. So many side effects, such as this.
    And it doesn't help when you only weigh 89 lbs!

    With all the help I have gotten here as well as Spine-Health, I have become more aware of what my body is doing. I have been able to describe to my doctors exactly what is going on and suggestions of what I think needs to be done next.

    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator
    Please read my  Medical History
  • itsautonomiciitsautonomic Posts: 1
    edited July 2017

    Sandra, when I tell you the look on my cardiologists face when I lost complete blood flow to lower legs, all he could say is this is tremendous.  But to see it falling off on a graph and then reach zero flow, ischemic, was pretty awesome ( only because it was prooving what I felt) yet scary.  The nervous system dysfunction coupled with the small fiber nerve damage that controls the blood vessels is a monster to understand and deal when it hits.  Its such a over the top reaction from my body because its getting faulty signals due to the damage and responds as such.

    I know for me and I would suspect for you proper circulation will equal less pain.  Now getting that is an entirely different story, I have noticed a difference on the heart meds they put me on to damper the sympathetic effect , but its not cold and recently I had a huge flare ( of my own doing) and my right hand is swelling, changing color, and hurting which is not good at all and something I had not dealt with for a while.

  • Run321RRun321 Posts: 2

    I read the exact description of how cold hurts not sure about the Fibro. (have not done enough research on this) just kill me. I am like you Sandra I have to wear a sweater to the doctor's and when I was taking swimming therapy getting into that pool and out of it was hell so much pain. My body does the shivering to the point I cannot control it. This pool I went to they had fans right where you entered the shower and I made the mistake of telling the therapist how it hurt wanted to know if others had mentioned the fans. She said no one had and they needed them to circulate air. Fine no more going to that pool. I have to close the door to my bathroom and let the water run in the shower to heat up the room before I can get in. My family teases me because I wear a robe sometimes in the summer when the house gets too cold. 
    Osteoporosis in the hands make it extremely painful to get them cold heat up the car so everything is warm before I will even attempt to go out. 
    You know I never gave much thought to the heat causing pain due to arthritis, Osteoporosis both my stalkers. I know I am miserable when it gets over 80 degrees but I thought that was due to age.
    Oh the fun we have right.

  • I hate cold weather, but mostly when seasons change I notice my whole body hurts, specially my joints..

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