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Awaiting Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Hello all, I'm a 53 year old woman (well, almost) and would have described myself at the age of 49 as fit and healthy  (except for the usual aches and pains that everyone gets - right?) Then I turned 50 & everything went belly up! I've had both of my hips replaced and been unable to zip myself up for the last 3 years due to my right shoulder being unwilling to move. The culprit is osteoarthritis. I've had all the usual things including shoulder arthroscopy but it hasn't really helped and I'm due to have a shoulder replacement on 23rd March. The thing is there's loads of information available on hip replacements which really helped at the time I had them done but all I can seem to find on shoulder replacement is that the recovery is brutal and not to expect better range of movement.  My hip replacements were a complete success & I really want to be positive about the shoulder surgery but as the operation date approaches, I'm starting to wobble a bit. I work in a big office but don't know anyone who's had this surgery so I've turned to this forum for some advice and hopefully some moral support from people in the know. 



  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 122
    I have had both hips and shoulders replaced.  I dont want to scare you, but hip surgery is a breeze compared to shoulder surgery recovery.  Its a long hard process to properly recover from.  I spent almost 18 months in physical therapy, plus about 90 minutes each day at home using a pulley system to move my shoulders.

    I had one done in April and the other done in October (2010).

    You will need help because when you come home and not have the use of one shoulder, everything becomes difficult.
    Showering, bathing, dressing, eating, etc.

    I put a lot of hard work into my recovery and it paid off.  Since then I rarely have any problems with my shoulders

    I want sure about your surgery date... The post said it was 3/28 but your surgery was 3/23.

    Either way, please comment on how you are doing, or what you are worried about
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
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    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com  
  • Hello Lollipop!

    How are you doing since surgery? I'm so sorry I wasn't around to give you support but I'd really like to know how you are doing?

    I'd also like to welcome you to arthritis-health. Please click on the link below for more useful information.

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  • Welcome Lollipp!

    I am new to this forum and was wondering if you had your surgery and how was recovery? I hope everything went well for you.
    Please keep us posted again.

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