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Anyone with Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia (Fibro) and always been listed in association with arthritis. Most Fibro patients are sent to a rheumatologist. There never has been a lot of research done it. Of all the years I have researched Fibro and only recently did I find something different.
I have had Fibro for over 20 yrs. and have always questioned, what is it? This is what I found in my research:

Characterized by chronic widespread pain and heightened pain response to pressure. It is not an autoimmune or inflammation based illness, but research suggest the nervous system is involved.
The pain appears to result from processes in the in the central nervos system and the condition is referred to as "central sensitization syndrome".

Cause: unknown. Runs in families and believed to involve a combination of genetic and environmental factors such as psychological stress, trauma and certain infections.

Symptoms: tiredness, sleep problems, trouble with memory, restless leg syndrome, bowel and bladder problems, numbness and tingling, sensitivity to noise, light and temperature, depression, anxiety, chronic headaches,dizziness, twitches, vision problems, cold symptoms and cognitive dysfunction (also know as Fibro fog).

Diagnosing: A history of wide spread pain lasting more than 3 mos. and affecting all 4 quadrants of the body (both sides and above and below the waist). The new criteria for testing counts up to 19 general body area in which the person has experienced pain in the preceding 2 weeks. Also rates the severity of the person's fatique, unfreshed waking, cognitive symptoms. No other diagnosable disorder explains the pain.

Treatment: Can be difficult. Cognitive behavioral therapy might be helpful, mind and body therapy and exercise.
                    Medications: Savella Cymbalta and Lyrica. 

The term Fibromyalgia was first used in 1976. The word is from Latin: Fibra (fiber) and Greek myo (muscle) and algos (pain).

I can honestly sit here and say "I have all the symptoms and side affects". But I think it "causes" more problems. Like my doctors always say, what do you treat first and what causes what.

I hope to open a discussion with anyone that has Fibro or knows someone that has it.

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  • juliejjulie Posts: 1

    I had fibromyalgia for 10 years. I’m on a grain free diet and doing things at 52 that I couldn’t do at 35. You may want to look at either going grain free. Sometimes it’s dairy, foods grown in the shade or someone you live with.

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