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Drugs in USA

Why are drugs here in the USA so friggin expensive? Anybody know?  This illness is bad enough and now I'm spending hundreds a month on meds too. I want to cry : (



  • jackwilliams67
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    that's a question all of us are wondering. the drug companies set the price and of course if you get name brand they are higher.
    we keep saying something has got to be done but what?
    if you go to our other forum, spine-health, there are some good conversations about this subject going on.
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    hopefully other members will join this conversation.

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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 129

    So much depends on the actual medication, the manufacturing, the insurance company, generic, etc

    For example:  I use a steroid inhaler, used to be Advair - Cost $2.50.  But now Medicare does not  cover Advair, so I had to use another steroid inhaler (Breo) which costs $80.   The medications are identfical

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  • Pharmaceutical companies are notorious for greed and indifference to patients.  Several have been ‘called out’ by the media or Congress and now offer programs to help people who can’t afford their meds or what have you.

    Exposure hasn’t stopped the issue!  It’s not hard to find news about generic meds jumping 400% in one month, pricewise.  And when you’re the only generic manufacturer for DrugXYZ, some people have to pay.

    Insurance companies have also contributed in that, if a patient has no insurance, that patient will likely be price-gouged to help make up the difference between what drug manufacturers charge and what insurance companies will pay.  I worked in a pharmacy and saw all of this.

    Walmart has helped with programs like their $4 genetics program.  But drug prices force folks to choose between their meds and things like food or rent all the time.

    Ron mentioned formularies, which I could write another post about!  Wheeling and dealing by drug companies and insurance companies.  Ugh.

    Patients are often the ones caught in the middle and end up with Sub-par care!

  • Is it a good option to buy meds from an overseas pharmacy online? What will you guys recommend?
  • jackwilliam67

    We cannot give recommendations for purchasing meds anywhere.
    I think this is something you need to thoroughly research as their ingredients may differ from the U.S.

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  • Jack

    Funny you asked that question yesterday. In the mail yesterday was an article in a magazine about on line drugs.
    Do not buy prescription drugs online unless it's through the website of a legitimate pharmacy.
    Hope this answers your question.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion. 

  • jackwilliam67jjackwilliam67 Posts: 1
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    Because the medicine companies in USA control the market. Nobody can buy insurance over state lines to increase competition. That's the main reason Americans are going to generic pharmacies online.

  • georgewhittington

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