The Purpose of

This new and fast growing website is independently owned and operated by Veritas Health LLC (founders of, the world’s largest spine website with 3,500,000 monthly visitors). was created to fill a void in the market – a website that has comprehensive, in-depth, objective, peer-reviewed, patient-friendly content that is optimized to reach as many people as possible suffering from arthritis and other joint problems. covers topics that span the arthritis/ joint continuum, including musculoskeletal/ joint injuries, sports injuries, pre-arthritis, degenerative arthritis (such as osteoarthritis), and inflammatory arthritis (such as rheumatoid arthritis).

As part of our mission, we want to connect arthritis sufferers with a full range of quality medical professionals who can help patients manage their arthritis conditions and continue to lead active, fulfilling lives.

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Medical Professionals Partnering with

Medical professionals who treat arthritis and other joint problems are partnering with Arthritis-health in several important ways:

  • Using Arthritis-health as a resource for educating your patients. Patients need help navigating the sea of medical information about arthritis available on the Internet. They don’t always know which information sources are accurate or go into enough depth. Help them by guiding them to arthritis information that you trust, such as the peer-reviewed articles, videos and other resources available on Arthritis-health. Our members utilize Arthritis-health as vehicle for communication; they have patients watch Arthritis-health videos in their office, they share Arthritis-health content on their own website (customized content, free of charge to members) and they can print out customized articles, branded with both your practice and Arthritis-health information (for members-only)
  • Collaborating with us on producing and authoring new content for Arthritis-health. As a new health website, we have many topics to cover about arthritis and joint problems to comprehensively address our visitor base. We are carefully creating original, well-researched, peer-reviewed and patient-friendly articles and videos – which takes collaboration with experts like you. As a distinguished member of Arthritis-health, we will be reaching out to you for authoring opportunities.
  • Marketing your orthopedic practice on Arthritis-health to generate new patient cases. Is an Arthritis-health marketing program right for your orthopedic group, arthritis/joint center, or pain practice? It might be if you want to:
    • Enhance your reputation as an expert in key condition and treatment areas related to arthritis and other joint problems, e.g., knee pain, shoulder injury, hip replacement surgery with a fully customized profile page and contact form
    • Market yourself or your experts to prospective patients in your select geographic markets who are already researching joint pain treatment options
    • Get in on the ground floor of our new doctor program and enjoy preferred status and attractive pricing
    • Achieve a measurable ROI for your investment

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