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Inner knee pain

Hi, I'm new, glad to have found you. 

I have arthritis, plus torn meniscus' in both knees, some minor clear out surgery in the right knee, but the left is now at the replacement stage. Goodness knows how long that will take on the NHS, so I'm trying to find adequate pain relief in the meantime. I'm active, do gym work, swimming and as much walking as I can mamage. I'm not overweight, and I eat very well, don't smoke and drink only at weekends. So far I've tied so far, over counter meds, knee supports, topical gels, pain patches, Co-codimal  (which my stomach couldn't tolerate) and now Tramadol....all to no real relief! 

I would be very gratefulful for any advice on the best methods of managing pain! 



  • I can offer no advice on managing the pain, although I have been told exercise is the best and you are doing that. I have also tried everything for pain relief. I am now on Tramadol but they do not help. I have osteoarthritis in all my joint now, although it started with my knees and neck 25 years ago, when I was just 39. The pain in my knees was extreme at times. 

    I started with lumbar arthritis 10 years ago and the pain from that is so bad that my knee pain was 'swamped' by that. I cannot walk without a rollator and I am now 62 and have asked the Orthopaedic consultant if I could have my knees replaced for over 10 years, always to hear 'You are too young'. They can do nothing for my back and I feel I cannot fight these NHS consultants anymore. Even if they did give me new knees now, my back witll remain the same. 

    I use to get terrible inner knee pain. I have had a few arthroscopes the last one was to remove the bony spurs that had broken off and were floating in my right knee. I had gone to see that consultant for the first time and he asked in a sarky way 'Why have you got a walking stick?'  I explained my leg was locking and I had fallen once, he said 'We'll see' and sent me for X-rays. His attitude changed when he saw the X-rays and he booked me in then and there to have these bony spurs removed. He told me to keep using my waking stick. I have not seen him in a long time and use a rollator now, so expect some sarcastic comment about that, when  I do see him. 

    I feel they do not care to get people in for knees surgery until they are iolder. My Dad was 74 when he had his knees replace, so he had 12 years of relief. These prosthetic knees can last 20 years, so he could have had relief from 66. I know people younger than me who have had the surgery and I cannot imagine their knees were worse than mine. 25 years is a long time to have been diagnosed and tried everything to relieve the pain.I have had Morphine Codeine and meds that have made me so 'out of it' I have been really annoyed. I am sorry to go on and do hope someone does know some pain relief I'd like some myself. I have bought some Hemp Seed capsules because the reviews were overall very good for osteo pain. I will let you know if they help, they take 6 weeks to fully work. Take care.

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