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Hi, I am a new member and have been recently diagnosed with OA of the right knee. However my symptoms do not seem to match other people’s. It all started on the 4th of March this year. Went to bed no problems, woke up the next morning with a swollen right knee, could not weight bear, nor even move my leg for some hours. Hired crutches to get to the loo. Saw Dr who said arthritis. Could not drive, walk or straighten my knee. Dr sent me for a X-ray showing femoral  patella wear. By this time, I was also getting contracture of my right calf muscle. Now 2months on,  I can just about limp around for about half an hour before my knee gives out, but I also can’t stand still for long, as my left foot and ankle swells up. I have started physio, but I still cannot straighten my knee, and the whole area is still very swolllen. This happened so suddenly, and although I am 66, up until this I was exercising regularly and was very fit and agile. Does anyone else suffer in this way please? I am so worried at not being able to walk properly for over 2 months.



  • memerainboltmmemerainbolt Posts: 240

    hello vanessa
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    i am so sorry you are having to go through this. but what is your doctor doing to help this beside pt? with all the swelling it sounds like fluid and inflammation. are you taking any meds? ice packs should help with the swelling as well as propping them up.
    go to the search box at the right top of the page and key in "femoral patella wear", scroll down past the ads, and there you will find articles that may help you out.

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  • Dear Vanessa - So sorry to hear of your experience. Unfortunately... knees do wear out. My own history was of years of football resulting in a "triad type" injury, but successful rehab of that which included military service, years of recreational league basketball, then many years of recreational/charity walks and 2-3 day bicycle event rides. Finally... I did have a total knee replacement surgery. If you find yourself getting that recommendation (and you may), please make sure to have yourself tested for any sort of metal allergy first.

    In my own case... it has taken me 2-1/2+ years after surgery (and a knee that would never recover properly) to "find this out". Now, I have to get this previously installed prosthetic replaced with a hypo-allergenic type. then... I hope to be able to return to my formerly very active life (and we'll see).

    If... you find yourself needing an implant surgery, please do yourself a favor - and get tested for a metal allergy first. (What you don't yet know - most assuredly can hurt you).

    So... sorry to hear of your troubles (yes, I personally know how knees can hurt - and sympathize) and my very best to you going forward (and to you all).


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  • luce49lluce49 Posts: 2

    Have you tried reflexology? I am also suffering from OA and I can't bear the pain. I can never stand for more than 1 hour. I totally understand what you are going through. I am fed up with physio. It's of no use.

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