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High dose statins and shoulder pain. Investigate before they operate!

i was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis and was scheduled for total shoulder replacement. My main complaint was severe pain and aching especially at night. In the diagnosis, my doctor explained that as my cartilage was gone the bone-on-bone condition in my shoulder would continue to cause inflammation and pain. He recommended that I have the surgery.

 After watching an end to end You tube video of the actual in-OR procedure it really struck home that this was going to be a lifetime change with real post operative issues of long term recovery/rehabilitation and real downside risk of infection and lifetime  issues relating to having a complete replacement of the shoulder joint. 

Further online research revealed widespread experience of muscle issues with patients on high dose statins for cholesterol management with or without underlying arthritis. My primary doctor did not mention this and I have been on high dose statins for years.

I canceled my surgery and told my doctor I was going to go off statins as a trial. I continued taking Meloxiicam as an anti inflammatory

 The results were dramatic. My pain issues steadily improved. I returned to much lower dose statins with no return of shoulder pain. After two years I am exercising every day and do moderate upper body weight exercises.  

I still have the shoulder I was born with and still have a bone on bone condition.

I feel grateful I had the sense to investigate  but am very disappointed with my doctors both primary care and surgeon who never suggested any investigation into what seems to be a widespread issue relating to statins and muscle pain.



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