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Day 10 pain

Hi. Had total shoulder replacement 10 days ago for fractures. Still taking pain meds. Pain brings tears to my eyes. How long will this last? I also have MS. Please help



  • Hello cyndymay!!
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    You are only 10 days post op, recovery takes time and patience. I have never had to have this done so I cannot answer your question from experience. But if you will read Ron Dilauro's response to "Looking at having total shoulder replacement surgery" by Wakecrazy, you may get some valuable information.
    While you are waiting on other members to respond, please read the link below on recovery.
    Recovery, the most important phase 

    Take care and please keep us posted on how you are doing.

    Arthritis-Health Moderator
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  •  Hi Cyndymay  hope things are doing well just wondering how your recovery is going, mine will start January 9. 

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