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Hi, I’m 50. Was diagnosed with OA when I was 36. I tested positive for RA gene at the time ( think that was the test) they thought u might have AS too but that was ruled out. Have had back and hip problems since I was 18. A few major flares and loose SI joint does not help. 

Since aging a bit, now getting my butt kicked by hormones and currently my left knee and shoulder are super cranky, 

Often have one hip or other give out when I’m walking, taking corners I can be tricky. 

If I lwalk for a while then stop for a sec, my hip “catches” when I move again.... 

my X-ray last year showed no damage to hips apparently normal.... what the heck? 

sound familiar? 



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    although i have never experienced this, i'm sure other members have. please read the links below in the meantime.
    shoulder osteoarthritis 
    what is hip osteoarthritis 
    all about knee arthritis and help

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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 122


    That all sounds like the early stages of Osteoarthritis.   I started in a little before 2000, but was formally diagnosed with Osteoarthritis via Bone Scans in 2002.   As time progresses, my joints start to slowly deteriorate.   First it was my shoulders,  I had about 5 sets of steroid injections to by time.  But eventually, it was bone on bone and the only solution was complete shoulder replacements which I had done in both shoulders 2010.

    As time went on, the OA started breaking down my Hip joints , eventually in 2011 and 2013 I had both of my hips totally replaced.  Right now, my right knee is deteriorating fast and I will be looking at a total knee replacement some time this year

    The fact that your X-rays is not showing any real problems with Osteoarthritis, I would only say that that is good  and means  they may be years before needing aggressive actions, or there could be some muscular problem also associated with your hips.

    What has your doctor told you based on clinical examinations and reviewing your images

    Take a look at  Stages of Osteoarthritis

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