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Anyone Else Diagnosed with Erosive Inflammatory Osteoarthritis?

I would love to connect with anyone else who has this condition!  I have yet to meet another sufferer.  EO mimics RA but is not an autoimmune disorder.

Thank you to the group for being here to support one another!  Sharing has helped me so much.



  • Suzanne95

    How did they find out you have this?

    For other members to understand what erosive osteoarthritis is, here is what I found in research.
    EOA is a progressive disease affecting the interphalangeal joints of the hand. It is also known as an inflammatory form of osteoarthritis. Pain, swelling, redness, warmth and limited function of the hand joints are commonly found in most patients with or without Heberden or Bouchard's nodes.

    Very Interesting. I have the nodes, pain, swelling, redness but also very crooked fingers. 
    Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator
    Please read my  Medical History
  • Yes! I was diagnosed about a year ago. My DIP joints in both hands are affected and it's very painful and starting to be debilitating. I also have some deformity which came on very quickly. I'm taking 800 mg of chondroitin daily and using Votaren gel and CBD cream, but the pain and swelling are there. Typing really hurts my fingers! Anyone else with these symptoms? I am considering fusion surgery if it gets any worse.

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  • GwenGGwen Posts: 1

    Hi all-

         I was diagnosed with Erosive Arthritis by a rheumotologist about a year ago. 

         A couple of months after my 50th birthday I noticed my left index finger was getting crooked. I was also having pain in my left knee. 

         Now a few years later I have 5 fingers that have a bumpy node on the DIP joint. 2 of them are crooked. I don't have a lot of pain unless I squeeze them, then they are tender. Sometimes I have mild pain when typing (which I do all day for my job). In the morning my joints are a bit red and swollen.

         I take 1600 mg of ibuprofen per day. Recently I started taking Bioflex. 

         Since so little is known about this condition, I do wonder if typing has anything to do with it. 

         By the way, my knee is MUCH better thanks to yoga. If I don't do stretches daily, my knee gets stuff and achey.

         I also have a hammer toe now. Ugh.

         I'm not a vain person but I don't like having crooked fingers.

          Anyway, you're not alone. 

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