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5 Alternative Treatments for Osteoarthritis

Acupuncturist inserting needles into a person's back.
Medication and physical therapy aren't the only treatment options available for osteoarthritis. Learn about 5 ways you can potentially relieve your osteoarthritis pain.

What Supplements Can Treat Knee Osteoarthritis?

Medical illustration of a knee joint showing signs of osteoarthritis
Can supplements help relieve knee arthritis pain? Find out what the research says about curcumin, ginger, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplements.

Add Ginger to Help Arthritis Pain

Several knobs of ginger
Ginger is a great addition to an anti-inflammatory diet. Learn about ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties and how to incorporate this root plant into everyday foods.

11 Ways to Relieve Pain Naturally

Woman flexing her feet using a resistance band.
Natural remedies allow people to relieve their arthritis joint pain and avoid medications. Many of these natural remedies can be used at home and are low-cost or free.

In the Kitchen with Arthritis: Foods to Avoid

Illustration of anti-inflammatory foods and foods that may cause inflammation
Certain foods have inflammatory properties that may make arthritis pain and symptoms flare up or get worse.

Top 4 Supplements to Treat Arthritis Pain

Wooden spoon full of turmeric
Which supplements may help you decrease arthritis pain? While research is ongoing, experts have a few suggestions.

7 Core Exercises to Relieve Back and Hip Arthritis Pain

Woman on the grass performing the bridging exercise
These 7 core exercises strengthen muscles in your abdomen and back. Strengthening core muscles has many benefits, including taking pressure off joints in the spine and hips. Reducing pressure on these joints can reduce hip and back pain caused by arthritis.

An Arthritis-Friendly Gift Guide

Woman in a winter scene, wearing gloves and holding a red heart in her hands
These practical gifts keep on giving long after the holiday season is over.

Why Losing Weight Is the Best Treatment for Knee Arthritis

Nurse checking patient's weight
Doctors often tell us the best way to reduce knee arthritis pain is to lose weight. Why? Calculations show losing weight can take millions of pounds of pressure off the knees every year.

3 Reasons Why Bikram Yoga Is Great for Chronic Arthritis

Woman performing a cobra pose.
Bikram yoga (also called hot yoga) can help to ease your chronic arthritis symptoms and increase your flexibility.