5 Risk Factors for Hip Arthritis

Medical illustration of an anterior view of hip osteoarthritis
No one knows for sure what causes hip osteoarthritis. But research has shown that these 5 factors can raise your risk.

How to Sleep Better if You Have Ankylosing Spondylitis

Many people find relief from ankylosing spondylitis symptoms by sleeping on their back.
These 3 tips can help alleviate your ankylosing spondylitis symptoms so you can get some much needed rest.

When Is Joint Revision Surgery Needed?

Following your surgeon's care instructions after a joint replacement can help decrease the risk for needing a revision surgery.
Most joint replacements last years without any problems. But as joint replacement patients get younger, an increasing number of people may need a second joint replacement, known as a joint revision surgery.

Lubricating Injections Can Soothe Knee Osteoarthritis

Medical illustration of degenerative changes from osteoarthritis in knee joint
Viscosupplementation or hyaluronic acid injections are a good treatment option for knee osteoarthritis when other treatments haven't worked or you're trying to delay or avoid surgery.

4 Ways Gout and Pseudogout Are Different

Gout and pseudogout share some characteristics, but are separate conditions. This comparisons of the 2 conditions can help you understand the difference.

The Best Way to Relieve Knee Arthritis Pain

Studies found corticosteroid or hyaluronic acid injections to be the most effective treatment for knee arthritis.
A large analysis of several studies reveals the most effective medical treatments for relieving the pain of knee osteoarthritis.

What’s the Right Injection for My Joints?

Knee Injection
If you’re wondering which injection is the right option for your painful joints, this guide explains the pros and cons of each option.

4 Knee Stretches to Reduce Arthritis Pain

Hip Flexor
Knee arthritis, regardless of the type, can benefit from these stretches to reduce pain and improve flexibility.

How to Prevent the Next Gout Attack

If you've experienced a gout attack, you may wonder if another attack is inevitable. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help prevent them.

Arthritis-health Introduces Forums for Discussion and Support

Arthritis-health now offers a forum, where users can discuss the questions and challenges they have about their health conditions.