Thinking about getting a hip replacement, but worried about the cost? Hip replacement surgery, anesthesia, and a 4-day hospital stay are estimated to cost about $22,500 and can be as much as $126,000.1, 2

During hip replacement surgery, the surgeon removes the femoral head and replaces it with an artificial one. Read Total Hip Replacement for Hip Arthritis

Exact figures can vary widely depending on the services received, the region, and the hospital. Some or all of the cost for total hip replacement may be covered by insurance or Medicare.


Though hip replacement has a substantial price tag, it is considered a cost-effective procedure.

A 2004 study estimates that patients living with osteoarthritis spend $5,431 (in 2014 dollars) a year on direct medical costs, such as over-the-counter and prescription drugs, doctor visits, and medical devices.3, 4 Lost wages and leisure time for non-paid caregivers can result in additional indirect costs.

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Additionally, hip replacement surgery enables the typical patient to live a better, more productive life. For example, a person who was forced to stop working due to hip arthritis may be able to return to work. Similarly, a non-paid caregiver may have more free time for work or leisure.

If you are deciding whether or not to have hip replacement surgery, take into account the direct and indirect financial costs along with quality of life issues.


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