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When I'm in Pain, Should I Exercise or Rest?

Woman doing a plank exercise in a class
When your arthritis flares and your joints hurt, are you supposed to rest or stay active? Find out the answer.

3 Ways to Stay Active with Hip Arthritis This Winter

Illustrated close up view of the hip joint. The hip joint is showing cartilage wear and is highlighted in red to indicate pain
If you have hip osteoarthritis, you may be nervous about attempting exercise in the winter. These tips can help you get moving safely.

Strength Training Can Crush Arthritis Pain

A personal trainer working with a woman at a gym who is using a workout machine
Evidence shows that strength training can decrease joint pain and increase function for those with arthritis, regardless of what type of arthritis. Read tips for getting started with strength training.

Hike to Better Health with Nordic Walking

An older couple using walking sticks on their hike
Your walking routine may be difficult when you have arthritis of the hips, knees, ankles, or feet. But Nordic walking with trekking poles can help take the pressure off your legs and get you moving.


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