Video: Standing Quadriceps Stretch for Knee Arthritis Pain Relief

Let’s do the standing quadriceps stretch.

For this stretch you can use a chair or couch to help with stability.

So let’s start by bringing our right hand to the back of our chair. Bending the left knee, bring the left leg up behind you and catch your ankle in your hand, and draw your ankle back and away from your buttocks rather than towards your buttocks, as that can cause strain on the knee.

We’ll hold each side for 20 seconds, and you can do both sides 2 times.

So stay here for about 10 more seconds; make sure you’re not pulling back in a way that causes any pain or discomfort.

All right, let’s come out of that.

If the height is uncomfortable for you, you can modify by standing in front of your chair or couch.

And we’ll bend the left leg, bringing the left shin flat on the seat, and then you’ll hold it here for 20 seconds, doing each side two times.

And that was the standing quadriceps stretch.