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5 Quad Exercises to Do After Knee Replacement

Straight leg raise exercise illustration
These 5 quadriceps exercises help build strength and encourage healing after knee replacement. The exercises will get progressively more difficult as your quad tendon heals and pain diminishes.

8 Questions to Ask Before Knee Surgery

a knee examination of a patient's knee
Before scheduling knee surgery, ask these questions to help you choose a surgeon, decrease the chances of potential complications, and set expectations for pain control and physical therapy during recovery. Being well informed can help improve your chances of a smooth surgery and recovery.

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hip Replacement Surgeon

Medical illustration showing a completed hip replacement
Before you schedule hip replacement surgery, ask these 6 questions to help you understand the procedure, the potential risks, and what your recovery will probably look like. Being informed can increase the likelihood that your surgery goes smoothly and your expectations are met.

What to Expect After Hip Replacement Surgery

Medical illustration of hip inflammation
Recovery from hip replacement surgery can vary from person to person. Learn general how you may use pain medications, participate in physical therapy, and get back to your routine after surgery.

17 To-Do Items Before Hip Replacement Surgery

3 stages of a hip replacement, first inset shows an unhealthy hip joint, second inset shows the replaced hip joint, the third inset shows an xray of the hip replacement
There are several things you can do before hip replacement surgery to make your recovery easier. Read these recommendations and talk to your surgeon about how to prepare.

Is Outpatient Hip Replacement Right for You?

Medical illustration of a completed hip implant
What are some potential advantages and disadvantages to consider before choosing to have an outpatient hip replacement?

The Benefits of Losing Weight Before Knee Replacement

Medical illustration of a completed knee replacement labeling tibia and femur
Surgeons often advise patients to lose weight before knee replacement surgery. For people who are very overweight, losing just 20 pounds may help improve their recovery.

When Is Joint Revision Surgery Needed?

Medical illustration showing a completed knee replacement with patellar component.
Most joint replacements last years without any problems. But as joint replacement patients get younger, an increasing number of people may need a second joint replacement, known as a joint revision surgery.

The Challenges of Recovering from Shoulder Replacement

Medical illustration showing a completed shoulder replacement
Our Forums moderator shares about the difficult but rewarding process of recovering from shoulder replacement surgery.

The Ins and Outs of a Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Medical illustration of osteoarthritis in the shoulder joint
Under certain conditions, your doctor may recommend a shoulder replacement surgery that reverses the positions of the ball and socket, known as a reverse shoulder replacement. Learn what those conditions are.