Anterior Hip Replacement Helps Patient Dive Back into Life

One patient shares about his decision to have anterior approach hip replacement and how swimming aided his recovery.

11 Surgery Tips Directly from Surgeons

Via survey, we collected the best tips that readers received from their surgeons before surgery.

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hip Replacement Surgeon

It's important that you have confidence in your surgeon when you're planning on a hip replacement surgery. This guide can help you pinpoint the questions you should ask a potential surgeon.

Is Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery Right for You?

There are several potential advantages and disadvantages to a minimally invasive approach for total hip replacement surgery.

Ron's Story: My Double Hip Replacement

Our sister site's Forums moderator, Ron, shared with us his experiences undergoing two hip replacement surgeries.

8 Questions to Ask Before Knee Surgery

If you're considering knee surgery, you can use these questions to get the conversation started with your doctor or surgeon.


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