Pain in the joints may limit physical activities, but continued movement is often beneficial to rehabilitation or slowing the rate of deterioration. Regular exercise helps keep muscles strong and control joint pain and swelling. Physical therapy is used after a medical procedure to build strength back into a weakened joint and the supporting muscles.

Listed below are doctor approved exercises for arthritis.

These strengthening and conditioning shoulder exercises help stabilize the glenohumeral joint and minimize the effects of shoulder arthritis pain.
Shoulder stretches for osteoarthritis can be done once or twice a day to help maintain or increase the shoulder's range of motion. Sample shoulder stretches for osteoarthritis include the overhead shoulder stretch, the crossover shoulder stretch, and the towel shoulder stretch.

Exercises in the water, known as water therapy, aquatherapy, or hydrotherapy is beneficial for people with osteoarthritis pain because of reduced pressure on the joints in water.

Water workouts may be a good option for people with fibromyalgia because they can improve overall fitness while limiting stress and pain to the joints.