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Is My Shoulder Pain From Arthritis or Bursitis?

Woman grabbing their shoulder in pain.
Arthritis and bursitis are two common causes of shoulder pain. Knowing the differences between these two conditions can help you find an effective treatment for faster relief.

Is My Hip Pain From Arthritis or Bursitis?

Medical illustration of osteoarthritis in the hip joint
Two of the most common causes of hip pain are osteoarthritis and trochanteric bursitis. When bursitis is the culprit, tendonitis is often present, too. Learn the symptoms of these two conditions and ways to tell them apart.

Walking: The Best Way to Start Getting Active with Arthritis

Woman walking her dog on a trail
Read about the advantages of walking and suggestions for getting started on a walking exercise program.

An Arthritis-Friendly Gift Guide

Woman in a winter scene, wearing gloves and holding a red heart in her hands
These practical gifts keep on giving long after the holiday season is over.

Why Should You Have Physical Therapy for Arthritis?

Physical therapist helping a patient perform a hip exercise
Learn how physical therapy can help maintain mobility and strengthen joints affected by arthritis.

Confronting 5 Hard Truths about Chronic Pain

Depressed woman sitting on bed
Chronic pain is often associated with conditions, such as ankylosing spondylitis, or an injury caused by or related to an arthritis condition. There are a number of frustrating realizations that a person living with chronic pain may confront.

11 Tips for Flying with Arthritis

Woman and her daughter looking at the phone on a flight
Flights can be tough for those with arthritis, but these tips can help you travel without pain and stiffness getting in the way.

5 Proven Strategies for Relieving Arthritis Pain

Doctor checking senior patient's knee
Try one of these 5 pain-relieving strategies to help comfort sore joints and stay active with arthritis.

Getting Retested for Spondyloarthritis

Doctor and patient having a discussion in an office while looking at scans.
What happens when sacroiliitis, a hallmark characteristic of spondyloarthritis, doesn't show up on diagnostic tests?

The Connection Between Inflammatory Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

young woman with neck pain at doctor consultation
People with ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and other forms of spondyloarthritis may be at a higher risk for developing fibromyalgia.