Joint Pain Caused by Arthritis Video

Joint pain can be caused by degeneration, injury, or systemic changes to the joint structures - all of which are arthritic causes.

Causes of Knee Pain Video

Learn about the many causes of knee pain as well as the specific symptoms that indicate knee arthritis in this physician reviewed video.

Causes of Hip Pain Video

Learn about the four different parts of the hip joint that can cause hip pain and understand how doctors diagnose hip pain in this physician reviewed video.

Video: Is Arthritis Pain an Inevitable Part of Aging?

As we grow older, is the pain from arthritis unavoidable? This doctor reviewed video looks at the relationship between arthritis and aging.

Video: Should I Exercise Through Joint Pain?

This video discusses how to exercise when experiencing joint pain. Focus on strengthening the right muscles by exercising around the pain, not through it.

Video: What Helps and What Worsens Hip Arthritis Pain?

Find out which activities and exercises improve hip pain from arthritis and which activities make it worse in this physician reviewed video.

Hip Anatomy Video

This peer reviewed video demonstrates the basics of hip anatomy and details how the ball-and-socket joint works to give the hip it's functions.

Knee Anatomy Video

This physician reviewed Knee Anatomy video animates the joint structure of the knee and explains how anatomical changes can produce pain symptoms of arthritis.

Spine Anatomy Video

This physician reviewed Spine Anatomy video animates the different structures of the spine, how they interact, and how inflammation can lead to back pain.