Hip Pain That Travels Down the Leg

Sciatica down one side of the body
Pain from your hip may travel down the thigh into your knee or leg. This pain can be referred from your muscles or joints or radiate through the nerves. Here are a few potential reasons why this type of pain can occur.

The Benefits of Losing Weight Before Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement
Surgeons often advise patients to lose weight before knee replacement surgery. For people who are very overweight, losing just 20 pounds may help improve their recovery.

Psoriatic Arthritis: A Skin Condition Gone Wrong

Image of psoriasis on the elbow
People may have psoriasis for years before being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Researchers are trying to understand why some people with psoriasis develop this psoriatic arthritis while others don’t.

11 Tips for Flying with Arthritis

Image of a woman and her daughter looking at the phone on a flight
Flights can be tough for those with arthritis, but these tips can help you travel without pain and stiffness getting in the way.

Why Are Women More Prone to Osteoarthritis?

Image of doctor reviewing spine anatomy with a patient
Thousands of people are diagnosed with arthritis each year, however, women are disproportionately affected. Keep reading to find out why.

5 Proven Strategies for Relieving Arthritis Pain

Image of doctor checking senior patient's knee
Try one of these 5 pain-relieving strategies to help comfort sore joints and stay active with arthritis.

Why Losing Weight Is the Best Treatment for Knee Arthritis

Image of nurse checking patient's weight
Doctors often tell us the best way to reduce knee arthritis pain is to lose weight. Why? Calculations show losing weight can take millions of pounds of pressure off the knees every year.

Is Arthritis Causing Your Back Pain?

women holding her back in pain
Spinal osteoarthritis is more common than you think. Find out if this condition is causing your back pain.

Prescriptions After Joint Replacement Surgery

Image of and older man reading the instructions on his prescription medications
Selecting the right prescription medications for post-surgical pain is an important part of the pain management strategy.

3 Reasons Why Bikram Yoga Is Great for Chronic Arthritis

Bikram Yoga for Chronic Arthritis
Bikram yoga (also called hot yoga) can help to ease your chronic arthritis symptoms and increase your flexibility.