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Is My Hand Pain Caused by Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Pain and numbness in your hands can be a sign of carpel tunnel, arthritis, or both. Doctors look for specific signs when evaluating patients for these two conditions.

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Does Cracking Your Knuckles Cause Arthritis?

Is it bad to crack your knuckles? An orthopedic hand surgeon explains what makes knuckles crack and what researchers know about how knuckle cracking affects your hands.

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What’s Causing My Hip Pain?

Osteoarthritis, bursitis, hip impingement, labral tears, and even back problems can cause your hip to hurt. Learn the hallmark symptoms of the most common hip conditions to help you identify the source of your hip pain and possibly relieve it.

Medical illustration of a hip joint. Inset shows cartilage wear which is also called osteoarthritis. Read More

What to Expect After Hip Replacement Surgery

Recovery from hip replacement surgery can vary from person to person. Learn general how you may use pain medications, participate in physical therapy, and get back to your routine after surgery.

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17 To-Do Items Before Hip Replacement Surgery

There are several things you can do before hip replacement surgery to make your recovery easier. Read these recommendations and talk to your surgeon about how to prepare.

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6 Ways to Deal with Painful Gout Attacks

Having a gout attack? Here are 6 ways to reduce gout pain. While consulting a doctor is always best, you can take most steps on your own.

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Septic Bursitis: The Serious Side of Bursitis

Learn how doctors distinguish between non-septic bursitis and septic bursitis and why treating an infected bursa is so important.

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Types of Arthritis That Cause Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Arthritis can affect the sacroiliac joint and cause low back pain. Read about sacroiliac joint anatomy and the different types of arthritis that can affect it.

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Diet and Supplements for Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

Eating certain foods and avoiding others seems to help reduce inflammatory joint pain caused by polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR). Specific supplements may also help.

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Do Cherries Prevent Gout?

Limited research suggests that eating cherries or drinking cherry juice can lower the levels of uric acid in your blood and decrease your chances of a gout attack. Not all cherry products are helpful, though.

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