Chronic pain is a term often used to describe pain that lasts longer than 3 to 6 months and/or that does not resolve when tissue heals. Chronic pain from arthritis may be caused by conditions such as ankylosing spondylitis or osteoarthritis, an injury caused by or related to an arthritic condition, or something otherwise unidentifiable. Learn the differences between chronic and acute pain and tips for managing chronic arthritis pain in your day-to-day life.
Insomnia is a common result of chronic pain. Pain disrupts the ability to get sufficient sleep. Learn how to manage chronic pain and the resultant insomnia and fatigue.

When choosing an approach to treatment, doctors will categorize a patient's pain as either acute or chronic. Learn what these difference mean and how they can impact your treatment and day-to-day life.

Not all who experience pain may considering themselves to be suffering. Learn more about the concept of suffering and how it relates to chronic and acute pain.
After treating pain and other symptoms that may cause insomnia, the next course of action is to treat the insomnia directly. Learn how cognitive behavioral therapy and/or medication may help.