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Physician recommendations to treat ankle osteoarthritis pain may include footwear changes, physical therapy, medications, and/or bracing or other supportive devices.

When other treatments for ankle arthritis fail, surgery may be recommended such as ankle debridement, ankle fusion, ankle replacement. 

To diagnose hip osteoarthritis, a physician has to rule out other conditions, such as hip bursitis. Sometimes diagnosis involves medical imaging and testing.

Hip osteoarthritis can cause pain in the hip, groin, or low back. It may come with stiffness, a loss of range of motion, and joint popping sounds.

Treatments available for hip osteoarthritis range from weight loss and exercise to therapeutic injections. Often more than one treatment is used for greater effect.

Osteoarthritis causes back pain that ranges from mild to severe. Understanding osteoarthritis can help patients slow the disease's progression and also reduce pain.