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Hand weakness, pain, and stiffness are just a few symptoms of hand osteoarthritis. These and other symptoms and used by doctors to help diagnose the condition.

Anyone can develop osteoarthritis in their hands, but certain factors can increase your risk, such as age, previous injuries, occupation, and even weight.

Several factors increase risk of developing shoulder osteoarthritis in the glenohumeral joint, including previous shoulder trauma, advanced age, and gene factors.

To diagnose shoulder osteoarthritis, physicians use investigative tools starting with a patient interview and physical exam and verification by diagnostic imaging.

Pain and stiffness at the back of the shoulder is a major symptom of shoulder osteoarthritis. Other signs include shoulder impingement and crepitus.

Common non-surgical treatments used to control joint pain and slow the degeneration include activity modification, physical therapy, and medications.

There is no way to definitively test for spinal osteoarthritis, but doctors use techniques such a patient interview, physical exam, injection, and medical imaging.

The precise cause of osteoarthritis in the spine is unknown, but risk factors may include advanced age, damage to vertebral discs, and more.