Video Walk-Through Blog Posts

A Visual Guide to Hip Osteoarthritis

Medical illustration highlighting hip osteoarthritis
As one of the main weight-bearing joints in the body, the hip is subjected to a lot of wear and tear. This walkthrough of our video explains how hip osteoarthritis develops and the symptoms it causes.

Understanding Knee Osteoarthritis

Medical illustration of the knee showing knee osteoarthritis
Knee osteoarthritis is very common, especially in older adults. Our new video illustrates how knee osteoarthritis develops and the symptoms it causes.

A Visual Guide to Ankylosing Spondylitis

Medical illustration showing the lower spine and legs. The hips and sacroiliac joint are shaded in red indicating pain.
Ankylosing spondylitis, a type of arthritis that mainly affects the spine, is complex. Our award-winning video can guide you through how AS begins and progresses.

What Are Lumbar Osteophytes (Bone Spurs)?

Medical illustration showing bone spurs in the lower spine caused by osteophytes
When joint cartilage degenerates, bone spurs (or osteophytes) may develop on the damaged joint. Learn what happens when they form in the lumbar spine.

A Visual Guide to Shoulder (AC Joint) Arthritis

Medical illustration showing inflamed cartilage in the shoulder that has worn away
The acromioclavicular joint, or AC joint, of the shoulder is one of two shoulder joints prone to osteoarthritis. This guide to our new video about AC joint arthritis explains how it develops and what symptoms it causes.